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Steel Hammer

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"The Hammer" - now available in smooth new colors. Steel Grey FlexFit Design Hat with the HOOey 3-D logo stitched on the front center tone-on-tone. Full "HOOey" stitched on back tone-on-tone.

6 panel, mid-profile, wool-like textured cap. Rounded athletic shape, fused hard buckram sewn into front of 3 1/2" crown. 6 sewn eyelets, 8 rows of stitching on Permacurv® visor. Silver undervisor.

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  1. Zhou Peng- Go next American spy example 2010 Turkey world good-bye of bright and beautiful contest 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd May 2013

    Zhou Peng: Go next American spy example 2010 Turkey world good-bye of bright and beautiful contest
    Sport netDispatch is occupied " CBA official net " report, on July 26, shandong of Chinese male basket setting out east a day before battalion, zhou Peng is in oneselfRich guestWrite in, we should star with Australia the team plays 3 games from the back, this also is inferior before bright and beautiful contest 3 warm up are surpassed [url=http://www.valleychristianschools.org/nikefreeruns.aspx]cheap nike free runs[/url] finally, also be to adjust a team, the last chance that inspects team member, so to me also be very important.
    Be in before 19 days of male basket can be contrary in the 3rd battle of Tao Wan, the Zhou Peng expression that the reserve comes on stage is supereminent, come on the stage 19 minutes get 10 minutes pardonable he draws up if beating interest for oneself so.
    On July 28, the first match that Australia of VS of Chinese male basket stars, in person of this brim that be called in the match of last chance, week roc dress is orderly, it is however inside Tsinghua university stadium, sat the bench of two hours. 30 days, world War II, zhou Peng still did not change a of Guo Shijiang to nod, but still often be very the ground that enter sport rises and teammate applauses to be celebrated, still embrace congratulatory victory to Wang Lei finally.
    I know to be in this nation group, my qualifications and record of service is very shallow, forward on-line competition is very intense also, but I can try hard to behave. I am about to manage to strive for a qualification with the greatest effort in limited time now. Zhou Peng says.
    On July 31, male basket last prewar on training course of a day, as a result of A couplet, big most, the absent of old team member such as Du Feng, roc trains, dan Zhoupeng is in training, still behave very exert to one's utmost, develop basket basket continuously energeticallyBuckle basket, of exterior line projectile 3 minutes. Accidental is, guo Shijiang is coaching there planted agent player, the training of week roc exert to one's utmost, not be in his line of sight.
    I had missed the Beijing Olympic Games last year Zhou Peng speaks of the Olympic Games do not have a predestined relationship last year, he says frankly to also do not have extraordinary sense at that time, take national line for the first time, a milepost that has been my basketball career, did not stay finally, I know I have the place that a lot of need improve. After wonderful one season is played in league matches, again the Zhou Peng of selected nation group had calmed a lot of, he knows to pay always have get one's own back, oneself want to do, the training that is cautious and conscientious, impose practice, I do not want to miss this again inferior bright and beautiful surpassed Zhou Peng to say.
    On August 1, after before male Lan Yajin is surpassed last warm up is surpassed, male basket announced departure 5 people, he ranks among them. Tomorrow, return Beijing as national group, clear away baggage, be about to leave that place that lights him to dream again, in the Guangdong club that returns Dongguan.
    Also it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter is very crestfallen, did not leave a specification I still have inadequacy, perhaps say moment did not arrive, zhou Peng says, use this paragraph of intermittence period, he can go to the United States training, because do not have predestined relationship Olympic Games,last year is, after he goes to the United States training, greet medium outbreak, without national group I can continue the United States takes advanced courses below, go receiving the national games with good position, league matches. Oneself are revealed in these matches, be in next year the position that will contend for national group!
    Tonight, zhou Peng does not have a tear, clear away the travelling bag on the back, continue to hold one's head high ongoing. Next year, turkey Istanbul good-bye!

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